Windswept and Interesting

Windswept and interesting – That’s how my British photojournalist friend and Trippin’ riding buddy, Neale Bayly, often jokingly describes himself, but I think that phrase really sums up this photo which was taken just after putting the stands down at the end of our 1,000 mile, four-day epic on 40 year old motorcycles. And does my son, Sam, look like Peter Fonda or what?!?

Trippin on Two Wheels

Neale, Sam, and I rode from Evansville, IN to St. Augustine, FL last week and shot the sixth episode of our motorcycle touring series, Trippin’ on Two Wheels. Here’s a shot of the bikes we rode taken at an overlook somewhere in NC. As you can see, they look considerably better than we do.

Trippin on Two Wheels

We were headed to St. A for Riding Into History which is motorcycle Concours d”Elegance that is held at the World Golf Village. I was also the Grand Marshal this year, so we kinda needed to get there.

It was an amazing trip, and it will make a killer episode of Trippin’. The bikes ran flawlessly, the concours was incredible, and a good time was had by all! You can see pictures and read Neale’s four-part travel blog about our adventure at the following links to Motorcycle Classics website. They’re pretty entertaining.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

We left the bikes in Jacksonville, FL and had them shipped back to E’ville by my good friends at Exotic Car Transport. (Hey, 1,000 miles in those saddles was enough!)

We all piled into the production van and headed for home via Charlotte, NC. That’s where Neale lives, and I also took the opportunity to stop by SPEED’s offices while I was in town. It was a happy meeting since MCC is pulling some of the strongest Nielsen’s at the network these days. (Yea!).

The next six months will pretty much be a travel blur as we get serious about production for the next season of MCC. It’s startin’ out good tho! I leave next week to shoot the Oregon Mountain Cruise in Joseph, Oregon. This isn’t a big show, but it’s held in one of my favorite places on earth.

I used to live out in that neck of the woods, and I spent a lot of time in the Wallowa Mountains which serve as a backdrop for Joseph. I’m really looking forward to the show, but the coolest thing is that after we wrap, we’re slapping on some backpacks and I’m going to drag the producer’s ass 10 miles up to spend a couple days at a place called Ice Lake at about 9,000 feet. I keep telling him it’s one of those life experiences everyone needs to have. Trust me.

I’ll let you know how all that went when we get back, blisters and all.

Happy Motoring,

  1. Marcelle says:

    YES, Your son totally looks like Peter Fonda…He’s HOT!

    I am crazy about classic cars and LOVE your TV show. I dream of having my own classic car (or several) someday.

    Happy Trails,

  2. Dennis Gage says:

    Sam is pretty hot, and he’s really cool too. Great combo!

    Thanks for the “thumbs up” on the show and keep lookin’ for a classic car of your own. There’s one out there for every budget. They don’t have to be expensive to still be a lot of fun.

  3. JR Costoso says:

    Hello Dennis ‘the stach’ Gage. I recently had the pleasure of meeting you during our flight back from Spokane, WA. to Minn./St.Pauls (Was the visit for the Trippin’ show?). We stopped for a little chat and photo shoot which the family was excited about–the photo–until I tried to open the file and realized…There was no photo. Bummer! Anyway, I thought I would put the photo of you and I–where else, but in the garage on the ‘wall of fame’…Home of my 86 Corvette Z51 & 86 Camaro Z28 modified. Is there a chance for that photo? Anyway, keep up the great work! ‘Ride’em if you got’em’…JR.

    • Dennis Gage says:

      JR, Sorry the picture didn’t come out. I was actually on my way back from shooting a car show in Joseph, OR followed by a three-day backpack trip in the Wallowa Mountains. Both activities were truly awesome. Email an address to and I’ll fix up up with a photo to replace the one that crashed. Take care of those Chevy’s! Dennis

  4. Chris Hahn says:

    What a great Father Son trip! stay safe looks like you guys have having fun.

    • Dennis Gage says:

      Chris, These are great trips and there’s nothing better than riding with my son. I’m trying to put another one together for Jan or Feb. Wish me luck! Dennis

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