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In my previous blog I told you that I was heading out with my son San and Neale Bayly on a 1,000 mile ride on 40 year old motorcycles to shoot another episode of Trippin’ on Two Wheels. Well, we are now two days and 500 miles into that trip and so far so good. No major mechanical issues with the bike which is fairly amazing considering I was the mechanic that prepared them for the journey, and the weather has been kind to us to this point. Looking at the regional radar tho it looks like our weather luck my run out soon, but I’m OK with that. I just hope our mechanical luck holds.

Trippin on Two Wheels Trippin on Two Wheels

We spent the first night in Smithville, TN and made it to Westminster, SC last night. We’re leaving for Savannah Georgia shortly. You can read a short update of the trip thus far that Neale wrote and see a few pics on Motorcycle Classics site.

Wish us luck on the second half of this epic. Whose idea was this anyway?!?

May 14, 2009
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  1. jamie corley says:

    I just wanted say that day at evans diner pretty awsome for a few folks exp.me…nedd to ask what you thought of the meatloaf….you gave me your special signature on my recept…HAPPY MOTORING TO YOU 3

  2. Dennis Gage says:

    There are only two places to eat meatloaf. At home and at Evans Diner! It was great meeting all you folks and we ultimately made it St Augustine and home again in one piece. What an adventure! Dennis

  3. Tim Painter says:

    Dennis-Now we know that more than a ride with Jay Leno can rearrange your ‘stache.

  4. Dennis Gage says:

    When I’m on a bike, I just let the wind sculpt the ‘stache. Leno on the other hand delights in mangling it after I’ve spent a lot of effort getting it curled just right. What a guy.

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