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Depending on the model, they are located on different areas of the frame, engine, transmission, rear end and body. From around the mid 1950's, most vehicle VINs and part number locations would be listed in the service manuals, body and parts illustration for each particular vehicle. These manuals are available from many sources.

Most generally, the VIN number has a sequence of the last 4-5 digits or more, depending on the marque, that are common on other VIN marked body parts. The engine, transmission, etc. should have the same numbers if it is correct. If you are wanting a totally correct original car, this would be important from a purist and value standpoint.

Some vehicles do not have engine/drivetrains that match the VIN, most notably is Ford Motor Company. They simply have a cast iron/aluminum casted number or date that corresponds with the car/truck build date etc. They originally did this for quality control to know who made mistakes and during what shift the parts were made.

The most accurate way to determine value is to have your vehicle appraised by a professional appraiser. If that isn't in your budget, here are some other thoughts and suggestions.

Classic car values are far different from late-model car values. When you figure the value of that 1993 Mustang, the most important things are probably its mileage, the options it includes, and whether or not it's been wrecked. Then you check the 'blue book' for tax value, wholesale value, retail, etc.

For an older car which has reached 'collectible status', the condition of the car is probably more important than its history or what options it has on it. All of that still plays in, but to someone who is considering the cost of restoring a classic car, its current condition dictates how much work that restoration will entail and, therefore, the current value of the car.

For online references, you may want to check out these sites:

Kelley Blue Book -
N.A.D.A Appraisal Guide -
Edmund's @ Automobile Buyer's Guide -

We've tried every way possible to make resources available to persons looking for a certain part or hard-to-find parts for a classic car. To find the part(s) you're looking for, please try these steps:

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