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My Classic Car, LLC is excited to announce our new network homes! In August, FOX is re-branding SPEED and re-launching it under the name FOX Sports 1 to compete with ESPN. They’re eliminating all automotive enthusiast programming in favor of sports related content. Don’t worry though, My Classic Car (MCC) is not going away. We’re just motoring over to a new network; TWO of them in fact!

In August, MCC will be airing on MAVTV. Owned by Lucas Oil, MAVTV is America’s fastest growing independent network. It’s available in 26 million households through DIRECTV (214), DISH (248), and a number of cable providers.

Starting in January 2014, MCC will also be airing on Velocity (a Discovery network) Sunday 9:30am ET and Saturday 6:30am ET. Velocity is an upscale high definition network with an automotive focus and will reach 60 million households through DIRECTV (281), DISH (364), and most cable providers.

“Between the two networks, MCC’s reach will be even greater!” says host of My Classic Car Dennis Gage. “So it’s “pedal to the metal” for MCC on our new networks.”

June 20, 2013
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  1. Rod McCammon says:

    Oh, one other comment. On your show when showing images of classic cars, I know it’s hip to flash quick picture, but I’d really like some longer looks at those classics.

  2. Dave H says:

    Gee Sure miss your show. Can’t find it on my cable channel system. Can’t wait for your new network. I watch your show as much as I can, have learned alot from your show, and have gotten alot of ideas for working on my own cars just from seeing things on your show. Hope to see you back on where I’m at. Hope that you come back to Amboy Il. again so I can show you all 6 of my cars(all the same kind)the next time your here. Looking for YOU.

  3. Rodney Woodall says:

    Hey Dennis, love the show! Glad it’s still on! Don’t know why they messed up the speed channel? Really enjoyed Pass Time,Pinks,your show and a few others! Now it’s just a channel were they set a talk about sports.. There’s already espn and others for that! Anyway,happy motoring and honor the classics! Rodney

  4. Ken Vesterfelt says:

    Dennis very happy to see you on another network that appreciates your talent.You provide a very good morale programe and bring forth some Real down to earth people on your shows.Not only are Classic Cars Classic,but you are Classic.
    We thank you and your production/video person Ben for coming to Morro Bay California and look forward to that episode in the spring of 2014
    All the Best Ken Vesterfelt Cruisin Morro Bay Car Show

  5. Don M says:

    what channels on cable tv will i be able to view the show

  6. Tom M says:

    Thanks for being at the Pumpkin Run this year. You caught me off guard when you and your cameraman had me drive beside your golf cart and he did some filming of my car (red 60 Corvette). It’s no show car having been on 5 Hot rod power tours and having a 27 year old paint job. You made my day. Hope you had a good time, this is a fantastic show. I been taking this same car to this show starting with show #17.
    Thank you one more time, you have one of the best car shows on TV, keep up the good work.

  7. Rod Mc says:

    I’ve tried looking for Dish 248 doesn’t seem to be on my “Guide”

    I hope the dish 364 shows up in January.

    Love the show, man. Especailly the ones with Leno. Unbelievable how much he knows about cars.

    Rod Mc

    • Chuck says:

      Hey Rod, I too couldn’t get that 248 on my Dish so I called Dish to complain and has told that I would have to PAY to watch MCC, I told them that wasn’t fare and was told they didn’t have anything to do with that, it was FOX

      • glenn says:

        chuck dish told me the same thing I ordered mavtv and still no 248. in the end it seems you have to buy($600))the hopper to get channel 248. ill just have to wait till Jan. then maybe

  8. Dave says:

    Fox should be shot and pissed on,the gearheads in Canada don’t get these channels so we get screwed again

  9. Brent in Winnipeg says:

    Agree w/Dave – used to watch MCC w/Dennis all the time…now NO access to it at all!! Wanted to see the episode filmed in Gimli Manitoba this summer. Went there w/my ’38 Chev & about 450 other cars! Great turnout & a gorgeous day – streets were packed w/cars & spectators. Really sucks that this show has now disappeared from Canada; had some great episodes done here.

  10. Gretchen Farnham says:

    Hi Dennis,
    When will your show involving the Hyannis Fathers’ Car Show be on and what channel? Great meeting you and a wonderful weekend!

  11. Terry says:

    Fox1 sucks!!! My cable provider does not carry MAVTV! So, no anytime racing or gear head show. Can I say it again, Fox1 sucks!!! For all my ball sports info I watch ESPN!

  12. Maxx says:

    Oh yay…another car show gobbled up by Velocity. With the bad economy, our household had to let go of cable and now there are no car shows left that stream or broadcast…nice.

  13. art levine says:

    miss you on speed ,my dish does not have #248,but I did find the powerblock shows on #241.I guess I will have to watch on the internet.

  14. Al Clark says:

    I asked mt local cable co. for MAV and got no where. I have velocity and don’t want to wait. Maybe Netflix can help.

  15. Tony Di Bitonto says:

    I live in Lower Delaware and I cannot begin to tell you how sad I am with the demise of Speed Network and Fox Sports decision not to carryMCC. When will MCC be available on FIOS?

  16. Joe Machado says:

    I am glad Velocity will have the show. The other channel is not available in COMCAST in South Florida. It will be great to see Dennis and his shows again. We who have all our teeth appreciate watching the show without NASCAR content all around.

  17. Chuck says:

    Hey Dennis; I’ve watched your show since it first aired,now I don’t have Fox sports. I called Dish Network and they told me that I have to buy HD Fox sports in order to to watch your show any more.I don’t have a HD tv so I didn’t order it. I’m retired and have a fixed income so I have to watch my penny’s. I truely liked your show but will not watch anymore.I wish your owners would not have changed

  18. Papabird says:

    I thought I lost you! Good to hear I’ll be able to see you again com January.

    Great show.

  19. 1935streetrod says:

    Glad to hear your show is coming to Velocity next year…Can’t wait!
    Been a big fan for all these years, and even had the pleasure to meet you and Dale Walksler at the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley when we were on vacation.

  20. Carguy1965 says:

    Hey Dennis,, So glad you will be back on Sunday AM’s !!! Really didnt like it when speed went away !!

    Met you briefly at the Hiawassee show… When my 31 Reo is finished my dream is for her to be on My Classic Car.. She was purchased brand new by my Great Uncle John. My dad gave her to me.. When she is finished I will take my grand kids for a ride.. 5 Generations of the family enjoying a wonderful and very rare old car !!

    1931 Reo Royale 8, Rumble seat coupe..

  21. Darin says:

    Please find a network to air your show in Canada again. We still have Speed Channel up here, and it is still automotive oriented, but we do not receive either of the two networks you have moved to. Your Canadian viewers have always been very loyal and supportive of the show, but now we feel very abandoned.

  22. Vic says:


    If you want My Classic Car in Canada, bombard TSN & Sportsnet with e-mails. Don’t sit back & hope that something will get done on its own. It won’t.

  23. Dave says:

    Really missed your show. Great to see it’s coming to VELOCITY, can’t believe what FOX did to SPEED CHANNEL!

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