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My Classic Car, LLC is excited to announce our new network homes! In August, FOX is re-branding SPEED and re-launching it under the name FOX Sports 1 to compete with ESPN. They’re eliminating all automotive enthusiast programming in favor of sports related content. Don’t worry though, My Classic Car (MCC) is not going away. We’re just motoring over to a new network; TWO of them in fact!

In August, MCC will be airing on MAVTV. Owned by Lucas Oil, MAVTV is America’s fastest growing independent network. It’s available in 26 million households through DIRECTV (214), DISH (248), and a number of cable providers.

Starting in January 2014, MCC will also be airing on Velocity (a Discovery network) Sunday 9:30am ET and Saturday 6:30am ET. Velocity is an upscale high definition network with an automotive focus and will reach 60 million households through DIRECTV (281), DISH (364), and most cable providers.

“Between the two networks, MCC’s reach will be even greater!” says host of My Classic Car Dennis Gage. “So it’s “pedal to the metal” for MCC on our new networks.”

June 20, 2013
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  1. Jim D. says:

    Mr. Gage, Thank you for all of the good, positive, images and messages you and the people on your show have have presented of the motor sport community. I am relieved to know your program will be continuing and I will do what is necessary to watch it and support your sponsors. Tell them that loud and often !

    It is indeed unfortunate that Networks can wipe out excellent content because they don’t fit their business model. ESPN did away with Speedvision’s Two Wheel Tuesdays, still miss Greg’s Garage (Greg White) and Bike Week (Dave Despain – ie, Windtunnel). I recall ESPN’s original plan was NASCAR and only NASCAR all day – they realized that was too much of one thing and changed. Fox probably won’t get the message, for most of your fans it’s already too late.

    Hope to meet you in person down the road. Keep the ‘stach well waxed.

    Thank you.

  2. Ann Foster says:

    Go to prime time. We love ya, Dennis.

  3. Tim Bearden says:

    Hey dennis Ive been a big fan of the show perty much since you started .I always wanted to do my own show, so I did…. Now im on YOU TUBE .as Tim the milk man.I would love to have you on my show .Iam show caseing classic hot rods and doing interviews with the owners at the local cruise inns around my home town. Wow… there are a lot just in this area.Witch would be douglasville Georgia.I got a crew of three that helps shoot these videos.If you will go on line and type in and check out my show called Hot Rod Madness.We need all the views we can get to get this rollin…. so hey thankx fer watchin Hot Rod Madness.PS…..don’t kick my ass ,I gotta do something.

  4. bill m says:

    I’m glad there is another channel to watch car shows. Thanks Dennis for all your great shows. This is for dave who doesn’t like left turns. What kind of talent does it take to drive straight and put your foot down to the floor. Too each his own I like anything on wheels with an engine. Too bad for speed they are losing alot of viewers I never did care alot about foxd anyway.

  5. JERRY OLKUS says:


  6. Ed Sunderland says:

    I knew something was amiss when it was announced that “Wind Tunnel” was to cease airing. Then I find that SPEED Channel is gone to be replaced with even more criminal football players, drugged up baseball players, and a dozen more sports and sports discussion programs I have absolutely no interest in. I will watch Little League baseball because there you see real sportsmanship from kids and not the bench clearing BS we are subject to so often.

    I enjoy watching the more sedate pleasure of viewing astonishing works of art from high end shops to back yard chrome polishers that keep the Classic Car alive and well. I enjoy seeing family participation with Mom, Dad and the kids wandering around a local hometown car show oohing at the results of a neighbors hard work.

    It is more likely that those of us who like and watch car programs like My Classic Car can actually obtain and work on a classic Dodge car than get a job pitching for the Dodgers or refinishing the fender on an old Ford Maverick than playing center for the Mavericks or adding LED spots for the Chevy Blazer than playing for the Trail Blazers. Car programs to me are, “now read this carefully”, more than just entertainment! I learn something, find products and services for an industry we all can participate in, and accomplish something positive.

    Just my two cents folks and glad to see all the support for Dennis and that the program still has some distribution. I’ll be looking for it.

  7. David S. says:

    Dennis, Your show is fantastic, have always been a big fan of Yours,I am believing for Your show to be airing for a long,long, time. Thank You,again, for a great show!

  8. Tony Di Bitonto says:

    Hi Dennis:

    I have watched My Classic Car for many years. Shame on Fox.

    I am one who must wait till January to see MCC on Velocity. It will be a long wait as my Sunday mornings have included you and MCC forso long. But, I am thankful that, at least I will get it. Better late than never! January can’t get here soon enough.

  9. Mike says:

    Hey Dennis, you have a great show been with you guys from the very start. Speed made a BIG mistake i think! Like we need more collage BS!! ‘am old school did alot of drag racing back in the day, i have a 64 ford Ranchero street rod now, still burn them up now and then.Going to change my cable company to keep up with show!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  10. Pete Dauer says:

    DENNIS: Fox ditched you for SOCCER GAMES !!! Are they nuts? Who in their right mind watches soccer ? Watched your show since forever ! Have old tapes and new DVD’s. Fox ditched Car Auctions , too. I’ve complained to them twice already ! Everyone should complain !
    Funny Times : I talked to you at the James Dean Run many years ago. At the end you couldn’t start the car. I think an old yellow Buick conv. (push button start). Took about 5 re-takes and everyone was having a good laugh ! Of course I was on the tape and had to buy one !
    Hope to catch you on the new channels. Pete D.
    FOX—SOCCER, are you kidding me ?

  11. John says:

    I am with Bell express in Canada. What station will my classic car be on? The rep at Bell could not give me an answer (?). Does anybody know?

  12. Kathy & Donnie Lambert says:

    Bummer we have to wait till January!

  13. Pete Knapp says:

    Dennis, It was a”Kick” to see you running around The “Time Travelers” Labor Day weekend show in Ollcott Beach NY. I was one of the several people who said Hi. I can’t wait to see you back on TV. It sucks that SPEED has gone away. But I know now where I can find your show. Too bad I have to wait till Jan. 2014 tho. Keep up the great job you are doing to “Honour the Classics” Pete

  14. Jim Sinclair says:

    Thank You Dennis, for all the great shows. And thanks for not ignoring STUDEBAKERS! I met you some years back at a Studebaker Drivers Club Int’l Meet in South Bend. Best of Luck with the new networks, I’ll be watching on Velocity. JS

  15. Randy W. says:

    Love your shows and style ! Would love to see you at Owensville ,Ohio for their streetrod nationals. It draws over 3000 cars thru 1972 and is a 3 day affair. This year (2013 ) ,it is Oct. 4, 5 and 6. If it was announced you would be their, I think attendance would go way up !!

    • timmy D says:

      Had a great time at the Pumpkin Run Nationals in Owensville, Ohio this year. Meeting Dennis was the highlight of the show for me.

  16. Jon L says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I have always enjoyed watching your show, but Cox does not have MAV. Do you know when Cox will carry it. I asked the Cox rep on Facebook and he said he never heard of MAV.

    No car shows to watch anymore.

  17. Larry Courtney says:

    I am not able to get either of those networks. Is there any other way that I will be able to see MCC?

  18. Paul S. says:

    Well, the show suddenly vanished her in the Vancouver BC area. I don’t see a listing for MAV TV by my service provider, Shaw. We do have Discovery channel, but no listing there either. Is it just going to take longer to get up here? I have been watching the show for years and miss it.

  19. Dave says:

    how many damn jock networks do they need

  20. Rick Paruch says:

    I am glad to see that Velocity has picked up your show. Where I am I don’t have Mavtv. I don’t understand why Fox had to open yet another sports channel to show the same stuff, but worse, they had to buy out one of the very few motorsports networks. I guess it’s the old way, if you can’t beat them, buy them, and force people to watch what you want them to. Not with great new channels (luckily) like Velocity and Mavtv! I hope they continue to keep up the good work, and showing great automotive shows!

  21. Karl H. says:

    Thank you…Too bad I have to wait till January, but thats life. Velocity is quickly turning into my go-to channel for DVR recordings. Dennis,thanks for the good times on your show. Never miss it.

  22. Jacob T says:

    Dennis, my Sat mornings are very lacking. I really miss all the automotive car shows that made my Saturday mornings a happy time.

  23. Jerry Degarmo says:

    Hey Randy, According to the flyer I got with my pre registration verification letter, The MCC crew with Dennis Gage will be filming at the pumpkin run on Saturday this year…..I hope he stops to look at my red 56 f100….I can’t wait. See ya there!!!

  24. Charles Solar says:

    Thanks for not abandoning your fans,by putting the show on a network that many people cannot get. I miss seeing the show. Have enjoyed it for quite a few years. Will be glad to be able to see it,again, come Jan. Hope to see you and the crew at Somerset in the near future.

  25. Rod McCammon says:

    Thanks for the info, was wondering what happened to you.
    I’ll be tuning in to the new location.

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