My Classic Car is Moving!

My Classic Car, LLC is excited to announce our new network homes! In August, FOX is re-branding SPEED and re-launching it under the name FOX Sports 1 to compete with ESPN. They’re eliminating all automotive enthusiast programming in favor of sports related content. Don’t worry though, My Classic Car (MCC) is not going away. We’re just motoring over to a new network; TWO of them in fact!

In August, MCC will be airing on MAVTV. Owned by Lucas Oil, MAVTV is America’s fastest growing independent network. It’s available in 26 million households through DIRECTV (214), DISH (248), and a number of cable providers.

Starting in January 2014, MCC will also be airing on Velocity (a Discovery network) Sunday 9:30am ET and Saturday 6:30am ET. Velocity is an upscale high definition network with an automotive focus and will reach 60 million households through DIRECTV (281), DISH (364), and most cable providers.

“Between the two networks, MCC’s reach will be even greater!” says host of My Classic Car Dennis Gage. “So it’s “pedal to the metal” for MCC on our new networks.”

June 20, 2013
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  1. Scott Zieske says:

    Congrats, Dennis!

    Velocity is a great place for MCC. Real car guys like me, love it! Hope to see you back in the Black Hills soon.


    • neil says:

      I really like your show been watching for years on and off… :)

      My comment is off topic but i’d really love to see more really old chain drive & aero engine type vehicles. so rare i think they deserve a worlwide audience. Thanks, Neil Eureka, Ca.

  2. Bill Scott says:

    Glad you’re going to be on Velocity! Please give us some production dates for future events. We would love to attend one close by North Carolina. Thanks Dennis for a great show and keep up the great work. Sincerely Bill Scott Jacksonville,NC Happy Motoring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dave says:

    Congrats Dennis & Co. This is great news for you all but a tragedy for us gear heads with gas in our veins. I’ll have to stop watching ALL Fox networks since they’re killing Speed, by far my favorite channel. Admittedly too much NASCAR but unfortunately they’re huge billboards and rednecks have an easy way to understand how to race/win..(go fast, turn left)^2 till the checkers fly. Heaven forbid a car turn right! :)

    Keep up the great work and I’ll have to make it to Newfoundland some day to do the Targa and meet the man with his garage chock full o’ classics with the ’53 Eldo, etc. hope to see you in the Annapolis MD area soon, or at least in Carlisle, PA.

  4. Chuck Welch says:

    Hello Dennis-
    Just learned that you will be attending our club’s event(Fastiques/Pumpkin Run) this October.
    Thanks for including us in your schedule. We look forward to seeing you there.
    I saw you at SEMA last year.
    Also, I am offering you a ride in my resto-rod 1965 Jaguar Mk2.
    Chuck Welch

  5. Mark says:

    Any chance that Velocity will air classic My Classic Car shows from the past seasons? It would be great to see the shows from Season 1 and beyond.

  6. M says:

    Will the episodes continue to be available online? Because as good as MCC is it isn’t worth the $30 a month the cable company charges to upgrade to a package with Velocity.

  7. Eric says:

    Hello Dennis,
    Thanks for coming to our Father’s Day car show on cape cod. I was pumped to see you drive by in the beer caboose the night before while my family and I ate dinner. And then the day after we spoke briefly about my brothers 85 caprice with the slightly over stock 28″ wheels. Haha. Anyway, hope all is good with you and family and if you air that show on MCC please let me know. I would love to catch it. They tried to keep him out of the car show because they said “it might draw the wrong crowd”.. It was a hit for sure. Thanks again mad stacher! I’m a big fan. You have such positive energy and a very talented guy. Keep it up. You have my dream job.

  8. Bill Honor says:

    Glad My Classic car is a survivor , but honestly eliminate all the car show wow what are they thinking, heck with throwing a ball turn a wrench; I hope we can see my classic car in Ft Wayne IN some day, love the show. Keep up the good work

  9. Al says:

    Hope it shows up on Canadian TV, I am a long time fan and would hate to miss any new episodes!

  10. Tom says:

    That hurts! In order to continue to view my favorite car show I would have to upgrade my cable package. I am a senior citizen. That is a lot of additional channels just so that I can get the Discovery Channel.

  11. Dwight says:

    Have you guys been working with any Canadian networks to carry the show. It would be a shame to lose it. We have been regular Sunday morning fans for years!

    Crossing our fingers!

    • Dave says:

      I’m with Dwight, What about the Canadian viewers? Neither of the channels you are moving to are available here.

      Been nice knowing you I guess…

  12. Joe says:

    Love the show and will be watching it when it moves. I learn a lot from the content. However, I was watching today and heard Dennis make a major mistake not once, but twice. He referred to the “Gas Bubble” as a Dodge Fury. What happened? It’s plainly marked as a Plymouth. I really hate to see such a good show make such a mistake.

  13. JJ says:

    Love the show and **I HATE FOX** for ruining a great network that used to be Speedvision and turn it into another sweaty jock network (like we dont have enough already). Glad to see MCC live on!

  14. Dan says:

    I am very happy that the show will be moving. SPEED was my favorite channel, and Dennis & friends was a big part of that. I mean where else can you get details on Jay Leno’s 1916 Autocar coal truck? The classic car community needs this voice, both for our benefit and for the advertisers. I just checked and yes, I do get “Velocity channel” on my cable system package. And if I miss it (and for those like Tom above) there is always the on-line repeats.

  15. Ronald Miller says:


    So glad that you will be on Velocity! That is one of my favorite channels. I don’t have MAVTV and doubt that I will. I have seen every episode of MCC since its’ inception. One of the best programs on TV. Of course it has to be, because the host is from Evansville, IN and the show is produced here! Looking forward to the new season.

  16. Art A says:

    We love your show Dennis, but my local cable channel is not offering the new stations your on , they may with an upgrade but we can not afford that being retired and on fixed income! So we are going to drop them and see if we can get to see your show on some other provider, providing they carry your show in a package we can afford! Thank you for what shows of your we have gotten to see, they have been Great, even if there have been a few misinterpretations, we are only human uh ;)

  17. Keith says:

    My cable provider does not carry either of the networks, so I’m going to miss you Dennis, drive safely.

  18. Bob from Pawtucket says:

    Great to hear about the move, BUT ON DIRECTV IT IS 214 (MAVTV)NOT 219!!!!!!

    Good luck.


    Must be why i use your products!!!!!!!!

  19. Frank says:

    Glad to hear you will be on velocity. Screw fox!

  20. Ron T. says:

    Unfortunately, ATT Uverse doesn’t carry any of the new outlets that your program will be carried on. MAVTV isn’t available in any of their packages and Velocity is only available on their very most expensive package. I’ll miss the show.

  21. Chris says:

    Yay! Velocity is where you belong! Will NOT be watching Fox! Velocity has all the quality car shows. My Classic Car is one of those!

  22. james brant says:

    FOX SUCKS! I will not watch any fox channels. Is velocity on at&t? Your show is great and yes over the years you have made mistakes, but I still enjoyed watching!

  23. mike pauley says:

    Will the show be aired by Suddenlink??

  24. Pablo says:

    Sorry to see you go dennis, but like other folks here in America, I don’t have the extra $30 or more a month dish wants to get those channels. And now that Fox 1 has killed Speed, I can call dish and lose another 50 unwanted sports channels and save even more money. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, see you in the funny papers…

  25. John says:

    Hey MCC (Dennis) what’s going on? I’ve got Verizon Fios and MAVTV / Velocity are not offered in any package. I hope you guys can get on the system. In the mean tim I’ll have to search out the episodes on the Internet. Love the show and would like to continue watching on TV.

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