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A few months ago, the lovely and talented Sheila, our VP of Sales, brought to my attention an event in Indy called, Slamology, based on something she’d seen in SEMA News. My first reaction was, “Have you lost your mind?”, but then I got to thinking. I always profess that this is an extremely broad hobby and everybody gets to play. The event was basically in our backyard, and it was a category we hadn’t really covered in any great depth before. Maybe it was time I put my money where my mouth is.

We drove up to Indy the night before thru some pretty heavy thunderstorms, but it had cleared off by the time we got there and we got to witness one of the hallmarks of this culture; draggin’. That’s not drag racing. It’s draggin’, as in dropping the vehicle’s body on the ground and draggin’ it down the street. Those sparks you see are created by metal-on-pavement, and it’s quite a crowd pleaser.

My Classic Car - Slamin' and Jamin'

Altho the weekend weather forecast had been pretty favorable, when I pulled back the curtain in my hotel room at about 6:30 Saturday morning, I was greeted by thick gray clouds and steady rainfall that looked like it had been going on for some time. Never a good sign.

Slamology is in its 8th year, and it’s held at the Marion County fairgrounds. Normally this would be a good thing, but I had visions of these low-down machines trying to negotiate a muddy show field or worse yet, nothing at the show field!

We hung out at the hotel until about 9:00 am in hopes of improved weather, but when that didn’t materialize we figured we’d better get over there and shoot whatever we could. It was pretty sparse when we got there but to my amazement, there was a steady trickle of cars coming in, and there was some pretty interesting, and occasionally outlandish, stuff.

My Classic Car - Slamin' and Jamin'

I could tell this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park tho. Between a new band every 30 minutes and the preponderance of insane thumper car stereo systems, audio was definitely a challenge. At some point tho you have to say, “Hey, that’s the scene.” and just roll with it. Which is exactly what we did.

My Classic Car - Slamin' and Jamin'

The show ran the complete gambit from mild to wild; although there was a lot more wild. On the mild end, there was a very cool ’59 Merc Monterey. I can’t recall ever seeing one of these. This one was a two-door post, no options car. We’re talking three-on-the-tree, radio delete. I loved it tho. It was completely original (except for the airbags), still sporting its original paint. The owner brought it specifically because he thought I’d dig it, and he was right!

My Classic Car - Slamin' and Jamin'

Another interesting ride was this ’84 Ford Bronco II. It was dropped about as far as you could without digging a basement, but what I really liked about it was that it was sporting a mid 50’s F-100 front end and a Ford flathead engine?!? I just thought that was so cool, and it may have been the only flathead I saw all day. This was actually the second incarnation for this Bronco at the hands of this owner, with the previous one being just as cool but completely different. Wonder what he’s got in mind for round three?

My Classic Car - Slamin' and Jamin'

I also dug John Jackson’s dropped ’64 Corvair Corvan. John is a freelance automotive photographer and spends most of his time travelling the country shooting cars and car shows. Other than the metal flake vinyl seats and the lowering, this van was a stock Corvan and he’d driven it up nonstop from Houston, TX just for Slamology. That’s dedication; and nominally insane.

My Classic Car - Slamin' and Jamin'

Since nobody’s really making a mini truck anymore, Slamologists have had to turn to bigger trucks like this 2005 Chevy Colorado to continue their modification mania. This was an example of how much you could change the appearance of a vehicle with reasonably few modifications. This was pretty much a stock pickup that had been seriously lowered, given trick wheels, a cowl induction hood, and some pretty nice paint & graphics. It was being transformed on a budget with the engine being the next thing on the list, but this truck was also the owner’s daily driver and it needs to get him back and forth to his job so he can continue to finance the transformation.

My Classic Car - Slamin' and Jamin'

My Classic Car - Slamin' and Jamin'

Rounding out the day was a killer ’61 Impala bubbletop. It was a color similar to Evening Orchid which was used on the ’65 Impala’s, but this version had a lot more orchid and less evening. This car was immaculately done and it came onto the show field low and slow; gliding not more than a couple inches off the ground. However when I found it later, I realized that it had full hydraulics and it was sitting there in an incredibly contorted position, but one that I must say showed off its chromed out undercarriage quite nicely. I’m not sure that the owner was all that impressed with my attempt to imitate the car’s stance tho.

Slamology was a really interesting show. While the vehicles may have been somewhat different than most shows out there, I’d have to say that the people really weren’t. They were still folks that really loved cars and the car hobby. They just practiced it a little differently than the mainstream. This may be a bit of a fringe element, but there are some really creative and talented people in it. I say, don’t fear the fringe! Attend one of these shows and take the introductory course; Slamology 101.

Happy Motoring,

  1. Mike Hooker says:

    Great story, Dennis. Love your show…

  2. Jon Brown says:

    when is the episode of u covering this suppose to air.

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