N’awlins Baby

A couple weeks ago we shot an event called, Back to the Beach, in Kenner, LA (which is basically New Orleans) on the shores of Lake Pontchatrain. It’s a weekend-long music festival culminating in a car show on Sunday; all to raise money for the restoration and preservation of the lake. It sounded like a good event, a worthy cause, and an excellent excuse to go down and tank up on some of that great Gulf Coast food, as can be seen in the pic of me going one-on-one with a killer soft shell crab Po’ Boy. Tasty!

My Classic Car - N’awlins Baby

We went down a day early so we could also take in a few of the sights in New Orleans’ famed French Quarter.

My Classic Car - N’awlins Baby

The temperature was 102 degrees that day, and I found myself strangely drawn to the signs heralding “Huge Ass Beers”. I can also say with certitude that was not false advertising!

We were looking at the potential of another 100+ degree day on Sunday, which can make shooting pretty brutal, but fortunately a light rain blew thru, dropping the temperature into the low 90’s. Not exactly chilly, but certainly more bearable.

There were about 600 cars in attendance, and the rain certainly didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Hey, this is New Orleans, and a shower at a car show is a long way from what these folks consider adversity! Their sense of humor was in fine form too as I was greeted early on by a group sporting handlebar mustaches in honor of our attendance. If I’d had a little shoe polish for mine, I could have fit right in.

My Classic Car - N’awlins Baby

Another thing that takes a little getting used to is that everybody down there calls you, “Baby”. At first when all these women were calling me Baby, I thought, “Hey, I kinda like this!”, but when I realized that all the guys did it too, its appeal diminished a bit.

But have I mentioned there were cars there?

My Classic Car - N’awlins Baby

One that stood out to me was a ‘65 Plymouth Satellite convertible whose new owner had just completed his second tour of duty in Iraq. You don’t see these very often, and this wasn’t an over-the-top restoration; just a really nice driver. And that’s why he bought it, and that’s what he does with it. I hope he enjoys his cruisin’. He’s certainly earned it!

My Classic Car - N’awlins Baby

There was a pretty cool ’29 Model AA fire truck that was used up until 1953 by the fire department in nearby Bucktown.

My Classic Car - N’awlins Baby

As well as a really nice old school ’55 Chevy Gasser. This was owned by a guy who had been in local law enforcement for over 30 years and hence the name, Lawman.

My Classic Car - N’awlins Baby

There was a wide array of T-birds in attendance, but the one that caught my attention was this ’72 mega-bird. You don’t see these very often either. This thing was the size of a Lincoln Continental, and it was largely original. It had the 460 cui engine which it probably needed to haul all that weight around. Perhaps not one of the sexiest Birds ever built, but I bet it’s like driving the living room.

My Classic Car - N’awlins Baby

Rounding out the shoot was a nice little ‘36 hot rod Chevy truck. It was an eye-catching peach color with teal contrast, not to mention its heavily chromed, blown engine.

Everybody had a great time at the show, and I’m sure I’ll be working my cholesterol back down for the next couple months after all that deep fried seafood. The next stop is an event called, Slamology, in Indianapolis, and I expect that to be a whole different kettle of fish, so to speak.

Happy Motoring,

  1. Tommy Flick says:


    Thanks for coming down…

  2. Dennis,
    I just finished watching your eppisode with J. Lenno. He showed a product that you apply and permits a part to have a chromed. I was hoping during that demo you or J would tell where to purchase the solution. Can you please email me the manufacturer so I can dress up my 37 Chevy Pickup parts. Thanks and just LOVE your shows. Steve TITANMCCM@cox.net

  3. Nate says:

    As Steve asked, would you be so kind as to share the manufacturer of the chrome product that Jay mentions in his garage tour (episode 18 I believe)? Appreciate all your efforts… Thanks!


  4. jan (danish from sweden) says:

    hello Dennis,nice to help Magnus and you with the OLD FARRARI :-),nice program you have in U.S….

  5. Floyd Askey says:

    I have the same question as Steve and Nate about the Chrome product that was on the show and i was hoping you could share the information about where to get it and oder it. thank you vary much Floyd
    And i love the show.

  6. wayne goetz says:

    I also saw program with the new chrome technique , Where can you buy it?
    Thank You
    Tremendous Show!!!!!!!

  7. mike says:

    I’m looking for the 2010 Cruising the Coast episode with the fat Caddy. The Website shows the 2009 show. Any ideas where and when the 2010 Cruising the Coast show will air?

    It shows the 2009 information when you search for 2010. Confusing!

    • Dennis says:

      The reason you can’t find it is because we didn’t shoot Cruisin’ the Coast in 2010. I was down there (as always!) and did shoot a series of commercials using the fat Caddy that are being used to promote this year’s CTC. I’ll be back again in October, and we will be shooting an episode this time that will air in the 2012 season. BTW I was actually with that Caddy again this past weekend at the Lead Sled Spectacular in Salina, KS. It looked as good as ever!

  8. Sean Neal says:

    I would love to see Dennis come to Pigeon forge to the grand rod run and also if you need to have someone fill hin for Dennis I would be more than happy to. Love the show never miss it I am a car junky I love the odd ball cars. Hope to see more Ramblers


  9. Rick Coast says:

    Dennis it was a honor meeting you at the Salina Kansas Leadsled show. I had a blast talking with you.Your personality is awesome. Everyone I talk to knows you (even non car people). I own the Gold Airflow / 1/2 Chevy that you filmed and interviewed me about it at the show. I was wondering if you could give me an idea when you will schedule the Salina Kansas show.Everyone is asking me when it will it be on. We are so excited about the whole thing. Thank you. Rick Coast

  10. Jesse Stacey says:

    Dennis, I love your shows and have been watching since I was very young. As a now youthful adult I’ve decided to carry on your traditions of driving my wife crazy every time I buy another car and in your personal tradition of….well…. I had to share this photo with you. I was the only “Dennis Gage” at my car club’s Halloween rally this year. Looks like you’ve got some possible up and coming mustache competition for the future. Please never stop making fantastic television Dennis.


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