Not just a pretty face.

Sure, you know me as the lovable handlebar mustachioed host of My Classic Car; the guy that gets to travel all over the country and drive everybody’s cars. But you may not know that I was also co-owner of the show’s production company, Bradley David Productions, Inc. Besides my show, BDP also produced Popular Hot Rodding Television, Corbin’s Ride On, Texas Hardtails, and Tripppin’ on Two Wheels. We even tried our hand at indy films with Novem.

In January tho, I bought out my business partner, so I am now the sole owner of Bradley David Productions and My Classic Car, LLC. This wasn’t a particularly easy decision to make, but it was the right one for all concerned. It does however quash any thoughts that I might have been entertaining of retirement in the foreseeable future. I guess the good news is that it looks like there’ll definitely be a few more seasons of the show (SPEED willing, that is). And I’m certain that Delta Airlines is also happy about that.

As long as we are changing things, we also invested in a new High Def video camera this week. It’s the new Sony PMW-350K and it’s a pretty cool unit that records to solid state medium rather than tape. We also outfitted it with a killer Fujinon lens.


And let me just say, it’s amazing how much these frickin’ things cost! For reference, there are several cars that I have always wanted, but considered them to be out of price range, that are a lot cheaper than this set up!

However, this will allow us to shoot this season (our 15th!) ourselves instead of having to hire freelance crews wherever we go. The crews aren’t cheap either, and it can be hard coming up with qualified crews in some of the obscure places we have been known to shoot, like Polson, MT or Owl’s Head, ME.

We will certainly be moving around a smaller entourage. It will be just me and the producer (now producer/shooter), Ben Woehler, which should make us more nimble. Of course we will also be the only ones schlepping all this camera gear too, so that whole “more nimble” thing remains to be seen. If we screw up a shoot, now we have nobody to blame but ourselves. I guess since I’m the boss tho, I only have to explain it to me.

This whole thing is actually a pretty big change, but that’s also what keeps it interesting and exciting, albeit in a somewhat twisted sort of way. Now, the camera will be with us all the time and not just when the freelance crew is too. We’ll be able to shoot things that we have missed in the past. We go to some pretty cool places and this approach will allow us to take you along like we never have been able to before. I think you’ll get to see more of the location itself, and there’ll be more “in the moment” and behind the scenes stuff. I’m sure those are mixed blessings.

We go out on our first shoot of the new season in two weeks. We’re shooting the April Action car show in Moab, UT and then a couple days later, we’re shooting a feature on a couple really interesting Caddys in Grand Junction, CO. I would normally say, “Wish us luck.”, but this time I think I’ll go with, “Light a candle.” Please!

Happy Motoring,

April 6, 2010
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