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OK, I know blogs are supposed to be more “real time”, but I haven’t really had any real time in the past month or so; hence the hiatus. While I actually have shot a few things during this time (a couple of way cool rods with Scott Whitaker in Cincinnati and a pair of sweet Ford conv. with Rich Schmidt in Ocala, FL), most of this past month has been spent lining up the production schedule for the rest of the year. I’ve largely been stuck in my office which isn’t really one of my favorite places.

The good news tho is that I have it all nailed down and will now spend the better part of the next six months on the road. You can see the dates and locations of the events we’ll be shooting here. There’s still one unscheduled wild card slot because I’m trying to figure out how to get down to Canberra, Australia in January for the Street Machine Summer Nationals. How cool would that be?!? Wish me luck on that one.

I’ve got an equal number of killer feature shoots lined up that will take us to California, South Dakota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Alabama in the US, and Alberta and BC up in Canada just to name a few. Needless to say, I will be racking up the frequent flier miles.

But the thing that has really been domination my attention for the past few weeks doesn’t involve four wheels. It’s the upcoming shoot of the sixth episode of my motorcycle touring series, Trippin’ on Two Wheels.

Those of you who are familiar with the show know that it involves me, my teenage (actually, now 20) son Sam, and my good friend and motorcycle photojournalist, Neale Bayly, on multi-day rides in some pretty awesome parts of the world. To date we’ve shot in Scotland, Sicily, Spain, Quebec, Italy, and Switzerland. However on Tuesday, May 16, we’ll ride out on first one of these to be shot in the US.

We’ll be riding from the Gage Ranch in Evansville, IN to St. Augustine, FL where I will be Grand Marshal of Riding Into History, a motorcycle Concours d’Elegance held at the World Golf village. We’re taking a 1,000 mile back roads route and just to make it interesting, we’re riding three of my 40 year old bikes. I’ll be on a ’69 BMW R60/2, Sam’s riding a ’72 BMW R75/5 toaster tank, and Neale’s on my ’67 Moto Guzzi V7.

Just getting these bikes prepped for this epic has been an experience. The R60 hadn’t even been started in the last five years so I pretty much had to start from scratch with that one. I’m happy to report tho that after six weeks of extensive tweaking and tuning, all three of them appear to be ready to go. I’ve actually run out of things to do to them. At this point, they’re either going to make it or not.

The plan is to cover the 1,000 miles in four days with evening stays at the Inn at Evins Mill in Smithville, TN, the Fieldstone Farm Inn in Westminster, SC and The President’s Quarters in Savannah, GA.

We’ll be shooting all of this for an episode of Trippin’ on Two Wheels to air on SPEED late this year and Neale will be covering it for Motorcycle Classics magazine. If fact if you’d like to learn more about this and see pics of the bikes we’ll be riding, you can check out the story on Motorcycle Classics website.

Hopefully the weather gods will be with us, the bikes will perform flawlessly, we’ll have a great time, and we’ll shoot a killer episode. Regardless tho, come May 18 I’ll be back home in E’ville and probably eager to plant my butt in a vehicle of the four wheel variety. Wish us luck!

Ride on,

  1. donnie lee says:

    just wanted to say thanks for the autograph it was nice to meet you and mr.bayly at the bp in morgantown ky hope the weather holds out for the rest of your trip i hated to ask you to sign anything but i once told my wife i would like to meet you someday and i be dang meet you right here in my home town thanks for your time maybe someday i can get my 70 gt fastback torino fixed up and show it to you thanks again ps fishing was pretty good
    donnie r lee

  2. Chris Hahn says:

    Trippin’ on Two Wheels , great show ! good to see it continue! keep up the good work!!

  3. joe direito says:

    Good day,

    I was watch the show on Saturday and was impressed with the 190SL Merc. My father bought one in early 1970 as a project but we never got the time to work on it he pasted in 1980 and my Mother has kept the car in her garage ever since. The car is a 1961 190SL which has not be modified it even has the original hardtop roof. I would like to contact the builder of the silver 190SL that was featured on your show. I have several cars I 1991 ZR1, Porsche Boxer, But instead of buying another car I would prefer build My dad’s 190 so that I could pass it down to one of my four girls or my son. I would appreciate your help please. Thank you and continued sucess it the future I truly enjoy the show.

    • Dennis Gage says:

      That 190SL was a work of art! It was built by Jellybean Hotrods and Customs ( http://www.jellybeanhotrods.com ) in Surrey, BC. The guy I interviewed on the show was Ewald Penner, and he is one of the principles there. The car really blew me away, and they seem like good folks. Good luck with your project and glad you enjoy the show!

  4. Tim Painter says:

    Dennis-I have already commented about your recent filming in Yuma, AZ, where I live. In fact I am a native.

    And now I see a South Dakota show on your schedule. My wife grew up in Custer, SD, and it is where our ’53 Studebaker was customized back in the 50′s by her dad and uncle. The car is now being restored here in Yuma. Even with all your travels it can be a small world.

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