My Inaugural Blog!

Wow! A blog. Imagine that. But then, why not? After all, the new season is about to launch on SPEED, we’ve got a cool new website, and I’m zeroing in on my shooting schedule for 2009. There’s a lot to talk about, or rather, blog about. So here it is; my inaugural blog!

This is the 14th year on TV for MCC, but it is the first one that has been shot in High Definition. The cars look spectacular in HD, although I probably look better in standard def. The lead-off episode premieres on Feb 22, and it’s a good one for HD. It was shot last spring in Lehi, Utah at the UVSC car show. The show is held at a facility called Thanksgiving Point, and it is about as nice a setting as you could imagine.

The cars are all on grass, and the whole area is rimmed by snow capped mountains. The weather was perfect that day too. In fact, the biggest problem I had at that event was deciding what five cars to feature since there were just so many interesting and high quality cars in attendance.

We did manage tho, and I think the result is one of the best looking episodes we’ve ever done. We’ve only finished editing about four of this year’s 26 episodes so far, and they all look really good. Initially, I wasn’t all that thrilled about going to HD because of the increased cost, but I have to admit, it does look awesome!

As you can see, we have also done a radical redesign on the website. We’re a TV show, but our old site really had very little video on it. However, web technology has come a long way in the last couple years and we’re now able to offer fairly high quality video without ridiculous download times.

You’ll be able to watch clips of the new episodes, entire Eastwood Garage segments, and even some behind-the-scenes stuff. I’ll probably do an occasional video blog too. Bottom line, there’s going to be a lot more going on at the MCC website than ever before and I encourage you to stop by often.

I’ll be blogging from the road and in fact, I am en route to Puerto Rico right now to shoot a big car show in San Juan. I end up spending a lot of time in airport lounges waiting for my connecting flights, so I may as well put that time to good use. I’ll probably let you know how the San Juan shoot went on the flight home.

I’m getting close to having my production schedule pinned down for this year. We’ll be in Arizona, Vermont, Michigan, and British Columbia just to name a few of the locations. Actually, I learned about most of the events we’ll be shooting from viewers who submitted them via this website. I know a lot of folks and I’m pretty well connected in the car hobby, but this is such a big and thriving hobby that there’s no way I can be aware of all the great events and collections that are lurking out there. I really need to hear from you about what events you think we should cover and what type of things you’d like to see. So please submit your ideas, because I really can’t do this show right without you!

I’ll also be posting our production and travel schedule (once I get it figured out, that is) in future blogs so you’ll know where we’ll be shooting. If we’re going to be in your neck of the woods, I encourage you to come by and say hi. I always like meeting fans of the show.

I guess this is a good place to wrap since the flight attendant has just come on saying it’s time to shut down all electronic devices in preparation for landing in San Juan. Wish me good weather and lots of cool cars!

Happy Motoring,

  1. John says:

    Dennis I love the new look and excited to see your now blogging.

  2. david says:

    I want to know why one of the best cars gm ever produced has not been featured on your show. I’m talking about the 1970-1/2 camaro z28. Mark Donahue stormed racing with it, therewere only a hand full of real lt1′s produced. this car handled, was a scream off the line, and had the endurance to make it a classic. It seems to me with gm coming out again this would be a great story. Tell it dude. Dsd1934.
    PS if you want to test a real one come across that money saving bridge and find me.

  3. Gene says:

    The new season look to be great. The new website look good too.

  4. Angellaa says:

    Hmm, very cognitive post.
    Is this theme good unough for the Digg?

  5. Steve Benson (aka Ben Stone) says:

    Off the topic of cars . . . Caught an episode of Trippin’ on Two Wheels, the Italy trip. Thanks a lot Dr. D! Great show and great scenery. However, after my wife Cynthia saw it, now I’m on the hook for a vaction to Italy.

    • Dennis Gage says:

      Great to hear from you and glad you liked Trippin’. Now quit being such a cheapskate and take that lovely wife of yours to Italy!

      • Tim Painter says:

        Dennis-Lots of excitement here about your being parade marshal and filming a segment at Midnight at the Oasis. At least 2 Studes will be there: Denny Lockmon’s ’53 rod and Frank Van Doorn’s ’41, both beautiful cars. My custom ’53 is not quite ready to show. Bummer! Looks like it will be 8-10 degrees below normal, 70 instead of 80. Enjoy the warmest city (with a weather reporting station) in the U.S.-Tim Painter, Custom ’53 Commander Starlight aka The Studebird in Yuma, AZ

  6. What are your insurance premiums like? Driving around with Jay Leno alone probably makes it unsafe to have no less than a Mill in just auto insurance :)

  7. Marvin Gates says:

    I was wondering if there are any pic’s on MCC website of a 51 or 52 Buick I-8 with twin turbo’s. I would like more info on it, you have to remember it because it was so different. I’m curious which episode it was on.
    Love the new look, thanks for a great show.

  8. JR says:

    Dennis, Ever want to know what it is like to be the “catcher” indstead of the ‘catchie’?
    Come visit me and get to know what it was ( is ) to patrol in a real State Police Commission. This is by serial number the first Police car I drove after recruit school. Oh ya, it is warm down here, no snow.
    The new blogg looks great. JR

  9. LARRY says:


  10. Mike Tracy says:

    Had the pleasure of meeting you at The Great Pottsville cruise! The “NEW” website looks great! Looking forward to the new episodes from 2008 this year! What a life! Going to car shows for a living!!! Do you need an assistant????? LOL
    Have a GREAT 2009!
    Mike “Bad News” Tracy

  11. Dennis, Sheila et al,
    Great job on the new website it looks great. Always a pleasure to be a part of My Classic Car. We wish you continued success! Best from all of us at Egge Machine and Speed Shop.

  12. Tim Painter says:

    Dennis-I watched you interview the guy with the Dodge Sweptside Saturday. What a unique truck! By the time I came back to say hello you were off. The weather on Saturday was near perfect as evidenced by record attendance. I hope you enjoyed being at Yuma’s Midnight at the Oasis show. The variety of cars was the best I have seen there. What other Yuma cars will you feature on your show?-Tim Painter

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